Lilla Karancsi


Life bursts forth like a wave of energy,
Blooming in beauty everywhere.
Flourishing below, between, and above,
LLL represents,
Life of abundance
Life of joy
Life in love

“I am the Creator and Founder of PorzeLLLan, the Fine Porcelain Jewellery brand.
As a SOCIO-ART platform, we create genuinely unique fine art jewels,
Limited editions, esteeming the human touch.
Handmade with love. Haute artisan craft – in transmutation to harmony.
Artisans, imbuing each PorzeLLLan with personality, are my co-creators.

Through PORZELLLAN® our mission is to preserve artisan handcraft by elevating hundreds of years of elegant porcelain-making legacy to greater heights. We create jewellery for the 21st Century.

By wearing PorzeLLLan, you embody our mission, celebrating life as a work of art that is fragile yet precious, discerning yet beautiful. A timeless symbol of values we share.”

Welcome to the world of beauty,
Welcome to PorzeLLLan

Lilla Karancsi, Creator and Founder

My Story

Four years ago, I was at a crossroads in life where I was challenging myself, but wasn’t exactly happy working long hours in a second-generation family corporation. I had no complaints, and yet I felt restless. From the time that I was a girl, I felt this conflict between wanting to go where my heart led and wanting to do something practical. Everyone around me said that those desires could never meet in the “real world.” So there I was, an accomplished university graduate, lawyer, and leader of international business development for a regional company, and yet I couldn’t shake the feeling that something wasn’t right. Where was the inspiration? The joy? Was this al there was to be? I felt as though I as living half a life, existing for one part of it while lost in a search for the other. The Answer was closer than I thought.

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