Ambassadors and Collaborators

Much more than a person, jewel, or brand, PorzeLLLan is a community of discerning supporters who regard the pursuit of beauty to be a universal desire. Our world of beauty has attracted people from all over Europe and beyond, thereby ensuring that our presence and global growth continues apace. Some discovered PorzeLLLan through mutual friends, while others have been following and advising us from inception. These are the amazingly supportive people who have not only taken the PorzeLLLan to heart but also taken steps to help strengthen the brand and expand its reach. In no particular order, that list of ambassadors includes:

Ágoston László
Ari Santeri Kupsus
Bajári Levente
Berekai Judit
Christine Halina Schramm
Cserey Mónika
Csokán Vivien
Dr. Ináncsy Ernő
Dr. Ináncsyné Dr. Gonda Rita
Dr. Karancsi János
Dr. Karancsi Jánosné
Fábián Judit
Faludi Gabriella
Florian Kurz
Hajas Ádám
Jovana Rakevic
Karancsi János
Karancsi Jánosné Tőzsér Róza
Kátai Judit
My Family and Friends
Nagy Attila
Nagy Zoltán
Pásztor Anita
Szilágyi Richárd
Tóth László
Tribel Yvett
Tuza Norbert
Varga Tina
Walter Hutchinson