Chief Goldsmith

Goldsmith. Hunter. Lover of nature. Born and raised in the Carpathian Basin, Richie spends most of his time living and traveling between Brussels and Budapest. With a masterful eye for detail, and an ethereal perception of how precious metals can combine to create one-of-a-kind jewellery, his high-quality work for PorzeLLLan harkens back to a time when nobility across Europe commissioned pieces for specific events or occasions. Richie is a brilliantly gifted artist whose manipulation and presentation of gold-laden or gold-infused PorzeLLLan jewels evoke awe and wonder in city after city where our brand has been featured by one of our Ambassadors. His understanding of the delicate balance between masculine and feminine motifs ensures that each piece is imbued with unique character. Richie draws his inspiration from both the traditional and the contemporary, molding precious legacy creations that admirers equate with exceptional, memorable experiences.