PorzeLLLan Birth – Artist Debut

PorzeLLLan made its Artist Debut to an intimate crowd of just over 100, comprising members of the country’s elite, representatives of the artistic community and collaborators, and of course, family and friends. An elegant affair, it was a milestone for me because it was the first time I had formally stepped into the spotlight as the brand’s ambassador. Life before and life after that evening have felt very different, because PorzeLLLan is no longer an experimental concept. It is a unique, new and growing influence on the way beauty and art are perceived. The debut show was the 90 minutes that took our company to another level, and although a select crowd got to see it in person, I am happy to share with you highlights of what transpired on that special evening.



Fine Porcelain Jewellery

Debut Welcome Speech

Ladies and Gentleman,


We warmly welcome you on this special day as we celebrate the birth of PorzeLLLan


In the din and ever quickening pace of 21st Century life, we increasingly miss out on simple joys of closeness and authenticity that bond us together. We all crave sophistication, deep meaning, and the warmth of caring for each other and creating with each other.


That’s why even in turbulent times, we must remember that the will to focus, to be the calm in any storm, and to trust in a benevolent Creator is a choice and a power that cannot be taken from us. More poignantly, our will to create is a gift that cannot be diminished.


CREATION is both the peak of who we are as human beings and our existential purpose.

At PorzeLLLan, we draw our inspiration from that wisdom as we build a community and culture nurtured by that purpose. I first had a notion 5 years ago, of how to express that high culture, before becoming an ambassador for it.


The Porcelain World, through which the best of human creativity captures and amplifies those cultural values, caught my eye.  As an international businesswoman, I saw its potential. As a younger patron of fine arts, I felt called by a mission to promote its modern, dynamic qualities. To preserve the legacy and heritage of this sublime art, as PorzeLLLan, our Fine Porcelain Jewellery.


These precious metal jewels are handcrafted with the most discerning and sophisticated porcelain-making techniques. With the benefit of human attention to every individual detail, each jewel is unique and carries the creative imprimatur of love, life and joy that my co-artists and I put into it.


You will find that the flamboyant and vivid flourishes we use are inspired by traditions not just in Hungary but all over Europe. Our first collection is bound by the Kalocsai motif set as a new contemporary interpretation. Our Abstract, Art Deco and Art Nouveau lines embody both the feminine and masculine principium, symbolizing the unity of love.


I would like to thank all my dearest cocreators, who have accompanied and joined hands with me along the 5-year path to this point. Their encouragement and positive energy have sustained and hoisted me up especially during our shared challenges.


When I say that I celebrate you today, I am referring to the several hundred people who feel as I do about this high art. Special thanks go out to Anita, Gabi, Ricsi, Tina, Flllo, Walter, Monika, Judit, Levi, Vivi, Adam, and Laci

And to my dear Parents, my amazing family, and Roza who is a treasure.